Wednesday, August 20, 2008

30 Days of Frustrations with a Blackberry - Day 5


"Forced to use up your main memory quickly"

Here's one I couldn't believe when I first found it out: The Blackberry has very little use for an additional memory card. In particular, the latest devices have the ability to use Micro-SD cards which go into a convenient (not really) location above the removable battery.

Now, Micro-SD cards come in some decently large sizes, and you can get a 2GB one for less than $50. That being said, you'd think this would be a good addition to a Blackberry, right? Nope.

The simple fact: The Blackberry doesn't allow any applications to be installed and/or run from the memory card. Yep, that's right. Every app you install onto your Blackberry must be installed into its main memory, taking away what little it has to start with, and inevitably causing something known as the dreaded 'automatic clearing' feature I'll discuss in a future blog.

So what does that leave your micro-SD card useful for? Storing video and music, and possibly a document or two. You could also store pictures I guess, but with my 8830's inability to receive MMS and the lack of a camera, I'm not likely to have many of those.

So far, I've found the micro-SD card useful for ringtones and that's about it. I have a 2GB card, but in reality I could have used a 64MB card and been just as well off, since it's just about useless.

Current disposition: Since I'm a traditional power user who likes to use third-party apps to enhance my smartphone, I
still HATE Blackberries.

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