Wednesday, August 13, 2008

30 Days of Frustrations with a Blackberry - Day 1


Well it finally happened-- My work forced me into using a Blackberry 8830, much to my dismay.

Let's start with some background-- I started as a Palm OS smartphone user. I had the Kyocera QCP 6035 to be exact, and loved it. As things progressed, the Palm OS got less and less stable so after going from the Palm 600 to the Palm 650, I migrated to Windows Mobile with the Palm 700W.

That being said, I couldn't have been happier with the Windows Mobile OS. Although not 100% stable, it was far more stable than my Palm 650, and I was in heaven. I had all the convenience of countless apps, touchscreen, and compatibility with MS.

Fast forward to 2008, where my company decided to move to a Blackberry-only directive. They like the ability to remote wipe the BBs, and the enforcement of having to authorize all BBs that will be on the network. Nevermind the fact that as the Exchange Admin for our organization I have repeated mentioned Mobile Admin 2003, an MS app that does the same thing for free.

So now I'm stuck with a Blackberry, a bit of disappointment, and a very eager and inventive mind. I'm determine to make the most of my plight, and enlisting the help of others to do it.

My plan:

Each day I will post a frustration I have found while using my Blackberry (most of which didn't exist on the Palm 700W) and see if anyone can correct me, agree with me, or enlighten me to the solution to my issue.

Also, at the end of each posting, I'll show my current disposition, and we'll see if it ever changes from its starting mode of "I HATE Blackberries".

30 Days of Frustrations with a Blackberry - Day 1

The Issue: "Reconciliation with E-mail"

I'm using the Enterprise e-mail feature with an Exchange 2003 environment. When I'm at my desk with Outlook opened up, I will constantly delete and move e-mails from my Inbox.

When I go to my Blackberry, it shows me on my "Today screen" that I've still got new e-mails, even though I've already read and deleted these in Outlook. Even when I open Messages, the list of emails on my Blackberry does not match the actual list showing in my Outlook.

The only way I know to make them synchronized is to click Options > Reconcile Now. Am I really resigned to doing that at the beginning every time I open Messages??!

Current disposition: I HATE Blackberries.

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