Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weave 0.2.2 released


A new version of Mozilla Weave was released tonight, and the developer was kind enough to include me in the special thanks section!



* Some fixes to the deadlock problem (which causes sync to appear to take forever but not actually do anything)
* Some improvements to sync on quit (we now wait to quit if there's a sync running, regardless of the syncOnQuit.enabled pref)
* Tweaks to how aggressively the addon tries to sync, to curb server load and make the server respond faster.
* Cache crypto keys, previously we would download them multiple times per sync, even though they basically never change.
* Add target platform information to the xpi, so that users on unsupported platforms get errors right away instead of in the middle of set-up.

A *huge* thanks to the community members that out with this release. Those of you who submitted bugs, helped with testing (iav, Fallen, Basilevs, and others), submitted patches (Pazu, Godwin), helped with the wiki/FAQ (D leaper, Eyes`Only, Onestone, Godwin, Malan, Mordeth), and to everyone else who helped answer questions in the forums and on IRC. Thank you! Your help is appreciated."

If you haven't tried Mozilla Weave, it's definitely a useful extension for anyone that has multiple computers and uses Firefox 3 no matter what OS you're running.

Get it here:

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