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Well, all my old articles are now gone but I'm not discouraged. I've got much more where those came from and I'm going to keep on doing what I do best-- Providing information to those that need it.

So for those that are just finding my blog, a little information about me:

To start with, I'm most known for developing a DVD-backup tool called "DoItFast4U!". It was done during an exciting time-- A time when DVD was just becoming mainstream and yet there wasn't a single tool out there that could create a backup of an entire DVD without noticeable loss of quality. Notice I said entire DVD. I have always been faithful to the artist's vision, and that goes far enough to include DVD menus and special feature tracks. I developed my project with that goal in mind, and stuck with it until the end.

For those who need a bit of nostalgia, here's a screenshot from the main dialog window:

So the legacy of Eyes`Only's DoItFast4U! began. There were a lot of other people who contributed years of their life to the support of my program, some of which can be found today in EFNet IRC on the channel #doom9. If you're a video enthusiast, I definitely recommend you check it out, as well as Doom9's website at There are many people in that chat channel that are passionate about video and audio reproduction, and the days I spent in there will always remain as positive memories in my mind.

So what happened to the project, you ask? Well, others got involved creating 'helper apps' to work with DoItFast4U and it soon was part of 'The Big 3', a name known for the four applications it took to get the highest quality DVD backup possible. The notoriety caused it to get picked up by 'the scene' as one of the best ways to copy a DVD. Unfortunately, people in 'the scene' are not of the same mindset as me-- They care about little more than credits and releasing movies before another does. They used my app to butcher the hell out of DVDs... ripping out all extras, subtitles (sometimes), and even the director commentary. Competitor products came out which also focused on methods to butcher DVDs, and love for the DVD artist seemed to be dying. As a result, I lost interest in continuing development and went in search of employment. I landed a job as an IT manager, and tried to work as well as develop but it wasn't really possible. So, I gave the source code to a friend (D3st, the developer of ScenAid) and hoped for the best. As it turns out, D3st was also turning a chapter in his life, and so new releases never saw the light of day.

So now to modern day-- I'm now a regional IT manager for one of the largest accounting firms in the USA. In my spare time, I do everything from play Rock Band on the PS3 to experiment with different linux OSes, and I remain passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others.

This blog is my tool to share information with others that will help improve their computing experience. Right now I'm focused on linux (mainly Ubuntu) but you can expect tips and guides covering Linux as well as Windows. Since I work in a corporate atmosphere, I can share techniques we use in our firm, as well as whether or not they were successful or complete failures.

So if you like what you read, subscribe and stay tuned, there's more history, guides, commentary, and entertainment to come!

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